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Our Programs

Our wrap-around services have The Lemonade Project acting as a liaison between our clients and our partner Wake Technical Community College. We will provide non-degree job training and certification for occupations such as plumbing, heating & cooling, massage therapy, web design, dental hygiene, and more.

Additionally, we will offer programs that cover financial literacy, resume writing, and job interview skills to further set up our clients for success.

Partnerships with small, local businesses will be forged – ideally forming a pipeline between The Lemonade Project to suitable small businesses in need of potential employees with the required skills for employment.

The Process

  1. If a person 16 years of age or older is charged with an infraction or a nonviolent misdemeanor charge, then the person charged, or a family member of the person contacts The Lemonade Project at (919) 727-4604 or email at
  2. The Lemonade Project evaluates the person’s behavior and determines whether the individual is likely to complete the program and abide by the program’s policies.
  3. If accepted, The Lemonade Project notifies the defense attorney, and provides a copy of The Lemonade Project’s Enrollment Agreement.
  4. The defense attorney must then contact the District Attorney to negotiate the individual’s enrollment in The Lemonade Project as an alternative to sentencing.
  5. If the District Attorney allows the individual to enroll in The Lemonade Project as an alternative to sentencing, The Lemonade Project appears alongside the individual and their defense attorney at the next assigned court day, and presents the Enrollment Agreement to the individual, highlighting the penalties for failure to comply with the provisions.
  6. The Lemonade Project assigns the individual an academic coach or a life coach.
  7. The individual selects a course of study, and proceeds with program.
  8. When the individual satisfies the program’s requirements, The Lemonade Project notifies their defense attorney so that the individual’s charges can be dropped or significantly reduced.